XFlow License System

The XFlow Floating License system provides total flexibility to the users to execute their computations:

  • XFlow is available for Windows or Linux environments.
  • It can be used either on simple local workstations or High Performance Computing (HPC) structures.
  • XFlow licenses are floating which allows to share the same license file by many users and run:
    • Serial Local simulations
    • Serial Remote simulations
    • Distributed Local simulations
    • Distributed Remote simulations

XFlow Solutions

XFlow License

One-year XFlow license including full technical support, all documentation and software updates. +More infor.


Can be acquired by companies or individuals for commercial use.

Research License

can be purchased by recognised Research Institutions and Not-For-Profit organizations where use of XFlow can be proven to be non-commercial.

Academic License

"Academic" licenses can be purchased by Universities or Professors for non-commercial investigation and teaching.

XFlow Cloud

XFlow usage on HPC clusters accessible in cloud.

  • Gompute
  • Teide HPC
Architected and designed for CAE workloads, Gompute On Demand offers an easy and flexible solution to launch XFlow in a secure environment. In order to deliver high performance and thus, high utilization of licenses, Gompute operates with bare-metal, Infiniband interconnected compute nodes with large memory configurations. XFlow is available using the applications native GUI, or by running in batch using the integrated application launcher.

Whether On-Premise, On-demand or hybrid configurations, Gompute has the portfolio and expertise to solve the main challenges faced by Enterprises to deliver effective High Performance Computing for their engineering community’s.
Teide HPC
The Teide-HPC (High Performance Computing) supercomputer entered the top 500 list of the most powerful computers in the world at 138th place in November 2013.It is composed of 1100 Fujitsu computer servers, with a total of 17800 computing cores and 36 TB of memory, a high-performance network and a parallel system of NetApp storage.

Managed by the Instituto Tecnológico y de Energías Renovables (Institute of Technology and Renewable Energies), Teide-HPC supercomputer is housed in D-ALiX datacenter which provides high available electrical and cooling infrastructure, and high speed internet connectivity. TEIDE-HPC offers a flexible yet highly secure service that allows XFlow Users to access dozens of computer cores with the capability to handle large simulations improving performances.