Below is a list of our current channel partners and their territories. If you are interested in evaluating and buying XFlow but don´t see your territory listed, please contact us and we can handle your enquiry directly.

Also contact us if you are interested in becoming a channel partner for XFlow.

Extendsive, Inc.

Canada and USA

Extendsive, Inc. provide sales, support, and training for XFlow users in the U.S.A. and Canada. Industries served include automotive, aerospace and defense, manufacturing of all kinds, energy (especially clean energy), marine & offshore applications, and civil/architectural engineering. Expert consulting services are also available.


Middle East

PROMECH provides top-notch Rapid Product Development in CAD/CAM/CAE, Reverse Engineering, Quality Inspection, Rapid Prototyping & CNC Machining Solutions along with great customer support. PROMECH´s set of solutions is the key for the fast, flexible and cost-effective production of designs, products, patterns or tools. Our technologies accelerate product development and optimize production processes.



Yuma Engineering, S.C. is a private Mexican engineering consulting firm created with the aim of providing premier engineering solutions to the industry. We help our clients reduce development costs, decrease time-to-market, and improve product quality. We offer not only the reliable analysis result, but also insight and made to measure solutions that each particular customer needs. Yuma was created in response to customer demand for product analysis to improve designs, reduce material costs, and design safer products. Yuma specializes in assisting companies to improve products using finite element analysis (FEA), kinematic studies, computer aided design (CAD) and design optimization.



Sigma Solutions is a leading Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) company specializing in advanced engineering simulation technology for the design and analysis of complex structures and systems - such as Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Manufacturing process, Multi Body Motion, and more. As a pioneer in this field, SIGMA has delivered practical solutions from simple designer to advance engineering simulation level.



IDAJ is the leading CAE/CFD company which provides integrated solution and broad service from software develop, distribution, engineering consulting, simulation process automation and optimization and creation of tool-chains with its high engineering skills. IDAJ has nearly 20 years experience as CAE/CFD engineering company to serve for a large customer base which broadly covering almost all industries from automotive, power generation to chemical process.



SOYOTEC is China´s foremost CFD (Computation Fluid Dynamics) and MDO (Multi-disciplinary Design Optimization) solution provider with the vision to enhance the productivity and competitive of Chinese customers in automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, electronics and power industries.



MathFem S.r.l. offers engineering simulation and consulting services for industrial research and innovation, based in Italy. Numerical simulation activities are integrated with 3D design, software development and CAD-CAE training.


Spain and Portugal

A Spanish market leading engineering consultancy company, focused in CFD, civil and mechanical engineering analyses. For 26 years the number one Finite Element Method and CAE simulations software application reseller within Spain and Portugal. Also provides technical support to customers, in-company training courses, and for 19 years manages the on-line International Masters course of Theoretical & Practical Application of Finite Element Method and CAE Simulation from UNED University.

Delta ES


Delta ES Co., Ltd. is an engineering simulation and consulting services company in Korea that is composed entirely of experienced cross-industry CAE/CFD engineers.



Information Services International-DENTSU (ISID) is the leading company that provides CAE / CAD / PLM systems and services. ISID has a large customer base in Japan and has supported IT innovation in the product development process.



AccSimia Software is an added value reseller, providing companies with advanced and innovative solutions, to accelerate their simulation and design process. These include discipline oriented solutions for system and component dynamics analysis mainly in automotive, railway, and aeronautic industries, bridging simulation and test activities (SIL & HIL), plus process automation and optimization solutions.

In Summa

Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg

In Summa Innovation has been an agent of MSC.Software since 2010 covering the whole Benelux region, and now sells and supports XFlow CFD. Our team is involved in all pre-sales, post-sales, services and training across all the MSC.Software portfolio which targets a broad spectrum of manufacturers and research facilities in the aerospace, automotive, general machinery, medical/biomechanics, rail/transportation, consumer products, and electromechanical industries among others.


United Kingdom

FlowHD was formed in July 2013 to sell and locally support XFlow in the UK. The directors´ combined experience of over 50 years in the CAE market, in both a technical and support capacity, allows us to provide a second to none front line service for XFlow customers in the UK. We also have experience in all aspects of FEA with a focus on manufacturing simulation (forming, forging) and crash analysis.



Sapron Engineering is an Engineering, Consulting and R&D Company that has services in Computational Fluid Dynamics, Structural Analysis and Technical Software Development areas. Our company was founded May 2013 to improve engineering services in firstly national then international horizons. Our young team also provides fast and accurate solutions in feasibility and optimization problems. The company develops R&D projects which contribute to technological knowledge improvement, projects which have potential to induce new research studies and applications.

IPM Solutions


IPM Solutions,s.r.o was established in 2003, and in April 2004 became a PTC partner providing sales, support, training and consultancy for PTC products within the Slovak Republic. Currently with 3 offices and 18 employees, IPM solutions is now a Platinum partner of PTC with more than 400 customers. In 2004 IPM Solutions achieved the PTC award for excellent business results and in 2007 achieved maintenance partner of the year in Emerging Geographies.

MSI Engineering Software


MSI Engineering Software specializes in Finite Element analysis and mechanical simulations for Structure, CFD, Heat Transfer and Multi Body applications. MSI represent leading vendors such as MSC Software and Mentor Graphics Mechanical Division. MSI's activities include marketing, sales, installations, training, hot line support, consulting and mechanical analysis projects.


South Africa

ESTEQ is a client centric company utilizing innovative technology, enabling their customers to improve their productivity and performance by optimizing their lifecycle processes, from planning and development through simulation, manufacturing, testing and support. Creating business success through engineering technology.

Hexagon Solutions


Hexagon Solutions offers the next generation of Smart Solutions based on integrated industrial and geospatial technologies within the Hexagon technology portfolio – from industrial and geospatial sensors and data and document management to process and visualisation software. As a result, the value to our customers goes well beyond what each stand-alone product offers, providing high quality and performance in integrated enterprise offerings.



VARINEX Inc. has been playing a major role as a CAE solution provider in the Hungarian market for more than two decades. Besides the CAD, CAM and Engineering Simulatian sotware tools, training and support services, Varinex also offers 3D Printer Machines and Rapid Prototyping services.

CAEZEN Technologies


CAEZEN Technologies is focussed on making its customers succeed in their market place by delivering mission appropriate CAE software tools, services and solutions to develop globally competitive products and processes. Over the past 6 years, CAEZEN has successfully introduced niche software and/or unique simulation technology in areas such as particle flows, dense phase solids-fluids flows, fluid flows and structures to some of the leading corporates, research laboratories and educational institutes in India.For further information on X-Flow, please contact Hari Doss at or call on +91 9844030617.



MantiumCAE was founded as a company dedicated to CFD, aiming to bring CFD to a larger audience, improving reliability and turn-around times by automating CFD workflows. MantiumCAE also specializes in geometry parametrization for DoE analysis and optimizations.